Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In for Surgery

My old man Thunder had a growth come up on his leg suddenly. I took him into the vet to have it checked, it was confirmed as a tumor - but as it was not attached to the bone or to a muscle, we decided to leave it be for now.

However shortly then after, he managed to rupture it after a combination of licking it and laying on it, and I woke up one day to a floor covered in blood.

He was then doctored up, and we tried our best to heal the wound - a hefty dosage of antibiotics, pain medications, wound cleanings and wrappings.

But the injury would not heal.

Finally, my vet confirmed for me yesterday that at this point, despite his age - the best course of action is to surgically remove the growth to prevent future infection.

I'm scared to have surgery on a dog that is 13 and a half years old.

I opted to have the full blood panel, urinalysis, and fecal done pre-surgery to be absolutely sure that his body should be able to handle the anesthesia okay. We also decided to go ahead and place a catheter in his leg, so should an emergency arise, they can get fluids into him very quickly.

Now it's up to the surgeon and his skills. I am a nervous wreck of course, surgery is always going to make me nervous.

In this case, removing the growth should alleviate the pain, allow his leg to heal properly, and dramatically increase his quality of life. Leaving it to fester, and prone to infection could lead to misery, and eventually having to euthanize him.

And as scared as I am, if he does not wake up on the table - at least he will not have to suffer, and I have the comfort of knowing I've done everything in my power to take care of him.

Good luck, Thunder. Please be okay in your surgery today. I love you.

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