Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loving, loss, and moving on.

Losing Delilah hurt. It hurt when it happened, and it hurts now.

A lot of things in my life changed. There is a big hole she used to fill.

It's been almost three months since she passed - and since I've written anything.

I've grieved, and I've grieved hard. For the first few days I could barely function - everything brought me to tears. I have yet to move her food bowl from it's proper place, and no other dog uses it.

And in my grief I had to keep looking forward. There was no going back. She's gone. If I grieve forever, then I let all the joy she brought into my life fade away.

So I'm done looking at the sad parts. I'll only remember the good things - all that we learned together, all we did together, and all the lives we touched.

She's forever my inspiration, and my official starting place in dog performance sports.

In the time she has been gone - I have rescued a puppy. He deserves his own post, and that will come. He has been rescued and placed into a forever home - and having him around made me realize that I need to open my heart again and keep on loving.

One day, when I'm ready, I will probably adopt another Dane. Right now, the sight of Danes still brings up a flood of memories that are hard to deal with. So until I can handle that aspect -

I've recently gotten a puppy.

And because I am edging myself back into blogging after that nearly three month hiatus, I'll save him for another post.

I'll be back to my regular Sunday schedules from now on. I've done my grieving. I'll always miss her - and I am dedicating NaNoWriMo next month to her, but I am done grieving her loss. I'll just celebrate her memory.

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