Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun with Grooming

As I am sure everyone is already aware, summer has begun.

Those of us with double coated dogs? This means that the coat is going to go 'POOF'!

My German Shepherd, Thunder, is blowing his coat. 'Blowing the coat' is a term used to describe how these dogs shed their under coat - it comes out in one big 'poof'.

As it begins to come out, it starts to form little tufts of hair all over his body, and you can pluck them off in small cotton balls of hair.

It is a seasonal process, and it can take a few days or a few weeks. In our case, it takes Thunder two or three weeks to completely blow his coat.

And of course, this translates to extra hair all over your house. You start to see tumbleweeds of hair rolling across the carpet.

Which means, it's time to brush your dog! When the coat is blowing out, it is ready to just be plucked off the dog - and the amount of hair that comes off the dog is astounding. Really.

I've combed enough hair out of him to make a second dog - and I have photographic proof!

This is Cozmo, laying next to the mountain of hair.

And the best tool for this process that I have ever had the pleasure to lay my hands on, is the Furminator. Now, I realize this is priced a bit on the high end - but if you are interested in such a purchase, look on E-bay. I purchased mine on E-bay for $11!

And when I tell you it works - I mean, it WORKS. I brush the dog gently when he is blowing his coat and I am able to pull of mounds of hair at a time - without damaging the top coat of hair. When I'm done brushing him, he looks thinner, and all those tufts of hair are gone.

I brush out the coat every couple of days until the under coat is completely gone, and he turns into a great looking dog with a nice shiny coat - and the added bonus of being cooler!

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