Friday, June 25, 2010

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. It began in 1999, and was created to celebrate the bond between people and their dogs, and encourage adoptions from shelters around the country. On June 25 every year, businesses are encouraged to open up their doors to the furry friends!

I was fortunate to be working in a place able to participate this year, and here is a photo of the lucky gal!

So, how did I make this happen?

Well, for starters, I asked my boss!

Two weeks ago, I sent a link to the website to my boss, telling him about the event, what it was, and why I would like to participate. My boss is a dog lover, and I hoped it would go over well. I work in an office building, we don't see customers on a daily basis, and we don't handle food. Because we work on computers, it is a quiet environment that would be easy and relatively stress-free for a few dogs.

However, the day  before, I had gotten some bad news. Due to the number of employees, we could not sanction the number of possible dogs, so the overall event could not take place. There could be possible allergies, someone could get bitten, no way to ensure everyone's dogs would be well behaved, too many dogs could show up and there is no way to be sure they all behaved. Alright, those are all valid reasons - but he gave me a light at the end of the tunnel - since I did ask so politely, he agreed to let me bring my dog over my lunch break.

I talk about my dog often - she is a 10 year old Great Dane who has earned her CGC, passed the Therapy Dogs International certification, and earned her RN title - and he felt comfortable that one well-behaved dog during a lunch hour would not be a fuss.

When I arrived with my dog over my lunch break - he was so taken with her manners, how well she sat quietly in the corner, how she listened, stayed out of the way, and was an overall pleasant office companion - he quickly changed his mind and allowed her stay the remainder of the afternoon.

A well-behaved dog turned 'no-dogs' into a very happy Take Your Dog participant!

Had she been ill-mannered, noisy, not house-broken, jumping all over the place and an other-wise nuisance, I would have been told to take her home much sooner.

Here's to hoping next year is as fun and welcoming as this one!

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